Our child care providers are: Frau Layes, Frau Lang,  , Frau Werner,  Frau Westrich

From 07.15 – 07.45 hrs child care is available.

For the afternoon we offer 2 alternatives:

Child Care until 14:00 hrs

Child Care until 16:00 hrs

The children may be picked up anytime from child care, please always check out your children with the child care providers.

During the afternoon home work assistance, games, creative handiwork etc is offered.

Termination of the child care program is possible at midterm and end term of the school year (31 January and 31 July of each year). The termination requires written form, addressed to the school principal or the school district office in Landstuhl, minimum 1 month prior to respective termination date. Termination due to special occasion (i.e. moving) is possible at any time.

Warm lunch is offered daily. Children that visit the child care until 16:00hrs must be enrolled for lunch.

The cost per meal is Euro 2.70. The meal is prepared fresh and is delivered.

The meals are given out and supervised Mrs. Laid, the meals take place at the Pfarrheim near the school.

The weekly menu is available for review in the child care rooms.

Please inform Mrs. Laid should your child not eat that day  due to sickness latest by 9AM under phone number 0173 4056700.  Otherwise the lunch will be charged.